ITS TraderLite Trading Workstation

The ITS TraderLite workstation is one of two trading workstations offered by ITS. It is based on a legacy CATS display for traders who prefer a keystroke-friendly trading user.


ITS TraderLite benefits include:

  • High Performance
  • Low system footprint
  • US Market Data & US Order entry capability
  • Buddy Trading Capability
  • Registered Trader functionality
  • Auto-failover Capabilities
  • Redundant Facilities for high-availability
  • Sold at a price point that makes ITS workstations cost-effective as backup workstations. Backup Workstations can now CFO orders entered from another vendor’s workstation.
  • Ticketless trading available using PositionWatch™


All ITS Trading Workstations are integrated with the market-leading ITS Hybrid SOR to provide high-performance trading across all Canadian marketplaces.



The ITS TraderLite Workstation allows the user to configure various displays based on how they want to work.

  • Up to 26 screens can be configured so that traders can easily flip to the screen they need at any time
  • A real-time waterfall ticker display is available and can be configured in any of the 26 screens. Users can specify filters for the ticker in the display.
  • Profit & Loss Displays as well as Supervisory P&L capability is available
  • Integrated or Individual Exchange depth of book is available in both 5-line or 20-line displays
  • MOC Imbalance screen is able to display all symbols in MOC imbalance in one screen
  • NEW in 2012 » Real time charting and Net House summaries available as shown below



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